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  • Jr. Crown Club Membership


2017 Junior Crown Club

Please indicate the Associates name at Monarch Beach who assisted you in joining our Membership. If no one assisted or you cannot remember, please type 'none'.
  • $30.00 walk-in only Weekday Rate 4.5 hours prior to sunset
  • $50.00 walk-in only Weekend/Holiday Rate after 4.5 hours prior to sunset
  • Special 2.5 hours prior to sunset: $10.00 Weekday & $20.00 Weekend
  • $15.00 golf car rental for Parent or Guardian
  • Complimentary SCGA Handicap
  • Discounts on Jr. golf lessons 
All for $119.00
*2017 Junior Club Membership valid through March 31st, 2018*
*All program pricing, rates and availability are subject to change without prior notice at any time at the discretion of management.