Junior Crown Club

Junior Crown Club

The Junior Crown Club Cardholder Program at Monarch Beach Golf Links gives Junior Golfers ages 18 and under value, convenience and privilege. Enroll your Junior Golfer today & make the oceanfront golf at Monarch Beach their home!!!

The 2017 Junior Crown Club includes:

~ Complimentary SCGA Handicap ~

~ $30 Weekday walk-in Rates 4.5 hours to sunset ~

~ $50 Weekend walk-in Rates 4.5 hours to sunset ~

~ Special walk-in 2.5 hours to sunset: $10 Mon-Thur  &  $20 Fri-Sun ~

Price to join: $119.00
Valid until March 31st, 2018

Click here for complete Membership details and a printable version of the Jr. Crown Club Membership information.