Bonus Points Rewards Program

Bonus Points Rewards Program

Playing Anywhere Else Than Monarch Beach Golf Links Is Pointless!

Welcome to the new and enhanced Monarch Beach Golf Links/ OB Sports BONUS POINTS rewards program! For those of you that have participated in Bonus Points, you'll see that your program continues to deliver! If you are new to Bonus Points you will love the fact that you get rewarded for the dollars you spend on guest fees at participating OB Sports-managed facilities and Monarch Beach Golf Links!!! We know you'll find that PLAYING ANYWHERE ELSE IS "POINTLESS"!!!

FREE GOLF                                                                           

That's right, Monarch Beach’s Cardmembers (Royal or Crown Club) and Bonus Points Participants at participating facilities can earn points for dollars spent on individual guest fees.

Monarch Beach Golf Club~ Crown Club and Royal Member Redemption:

  • High Season-April 1st-October 31st
          450 9fore9 /900 Twilight / 1,350 Weekday / 1,750 Weekend
  • Mid-Season-November 1st-March 31st 

400 9fore9 / 750 Twilight / 900 Weekday / 1,350 Weekend

Other OB Sports Property Member Redemption:

  • High Season-April 1st-October 31st
900 9fore9 / 1,800 Twilight / 2,700 Weekday / 3,500 Weekend
  • Mid-Season-November 1st-March 31st

800 9fore9 / 1,500 Twilight / 1,800 Weekday / 2,700 Weekend


Enroll in Bonus Points at participating courses and you'll get a Bonus Points card to track your activity. Simply present your Bonus Points card every time you play “The Beach” and you'll earn a point for every dollar spent on your own guest fees. *Points can only be used by the Cardmember/Bonus Points Member whom the points were earned by.

If you are a renewing Cardmember (and we have issued you a temporary User Name/Password, and/or are returning to log in and check your points, enter your User Name/Password below. Got a question about logging in? Email  If you are having trouble logging in, please click here.


If you are new to Bonus Points and have yet to register, enter your card number and register your New Bonus Points Card today!

Earn status and get rewarded with additional special perks! The levels are based off 18 hole rounds (all round types, all day long) played within a calendar year. Levels and benefits are as follows.  Once a member reaches a certain status, and they continue to play at the same frequency that helped them earn that status, they will stay in that status for the remainder of that year and the following year.  If for some reason, after the next calendar year, the member ceases to play at the same pace, they will lose said status and start the process over.  We don’t want that to happen so keep enjoying your status and playing golf at MBGL!!! 

Gold Status/Platinum Status/Chairman Status

0-29 Paid Rounds = Gold Status:

  • Earn 1 point for every 1 dollar spent on individual guests fees and merchandise
30-59 Paid Rounds = Platinum Status:
  • All the benefits of Gold Status plus One-Day Additional Advance Tee Time Access at your home course
60+ Paid Rounds = Chairman Status:                 
  • All the benefits of Platinum Status plus the following:
  • Merchandise in stock (personal use only / invoice cost +10%) at your home course
  • Special Orders (personal use only / invoice cost +10%) at your home course
  • Other courses specific perks.  Varies by location, visit home course for details

 To view Complete Rules please click here

On behalf of the entire staff at Monarch Beach Golf Links we appreciate you joining one of our membership programs and participating in our Bonus Point Program!!!!