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Information on the upcoming Partner Triple Play Event

What: Member Tournament #6
When:  Saturday, June 1st 2019
Format: Partner Triple Play.  (1-6 Best Ball)(7-12 Scramble)(13-18 Alternet Shot)
Cost: $150 for Crown Club Cardholders, Royal Crown Club Cardholders, and Resort Members.  $30 for Annual Golf Members.
Skins Game: Optional $50 team skins game ($25 per player)
Registration:  Email Brandon the names of both players ASAP if you would like to play.
Registration Deadline: Friday, May 31st 6:00 AM
“2-Person Best Ball" is a golf format for teams comprised of two golfers. Those two golfers play their own golf balls throughout holes 1-6 and the lower score between them on each hole counts as the team score.
“Scramble” In this format, each player hit from the teebox, then the two team members choose the best of the two shots for the next shot. Both team members then play the second shot from that location, and then again choose the best shot. Play continues in this manner until the hole is completed. The team then records its score and maintains that format for holes 7-12.
"Alternate Shot" is a golf format in which two golfers, playing only one golf ball, taking turns making the strokes. In other words, the two golfers alternate taking shots. Example: Players A and B partner with one another. They decide among themselves who tees off first on the 13th hole. Let's say they decide on Player A to hit the opening tee ball. So on the first hole, A hits the tee shot. They walk to the ball, and Player B hits the second shot. The third stroke is played by Player A. Then Player B hits the fourth. They alternate hitting shots until the ball is in the hole.  They also alternate hitting tee shots, so since in our example, Player A hit the drive on the 13th hole, on the 14th hole Player B tees off, and so on throughout the round.  Who Tees Off First? That's up to the partners. But it's the biggest tactical decision partners in alternate shot have to make. The golfer who tees off on hole number 13 is also going to tee off on holes 15 & 17.  The golfer who tees off on hole number 14 will also tee off on holes 16 & 18.