PGA Jr. League Golf

PGA Jr. League Golf

Join Monarch Beach's PGA Jr. League Team!

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How can your Junior Golfer be a part of Monarch's Team?

  • Must be age 7-13 or have their 14th birthday after to August 1st, 2018
  • Boys and Girls compete on the same team
  • Sessions will be held a various times throughout the year
    • Each session will include 6 Matches on Sunday afternoons at various courses in the OC area
  • Sign up through Brandon Delgado, PGA Director of Golf at or 949.248.3014
*Some sessions of PGA Junior league will not include practices. These sessions will be lower in cost than sessions with practices.

Fun Facts about PGA Jr. League:

  • PGA Jr. League is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls to learn and enjoy the game of golf. Much like other recreational league sports, participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams with their friends.
  • Each team is captained by a PGA or LPGA Professional, who serves as the coach and is at the forefront of creating a welcoming environment for all to enjoy the game. PGA Jr. League utilizes a popular scramble format that creates a nurturing environment for learning and development – both on and off course. 
  • A league is made up of local teams within your geographic area, minimizing the distance and amount of time spent commuting between games.
  • A league will have between four to seven teams and may consist of teams from just one facility or teams from a collection of facilities.
  • During the course of the regular season, your team will play a game against each team in your league.
  • A game is played between two teams. Depending on who the home team is, in addition to course scheduling and availability, will determine where the game is played.
  • During the course of a game, four matches are played by at least two players from each team against each other.
  • The winner of the game is determined by the total number of points won within all matches.
  • Friends, family, and spectators are encouraged to attend and watch - but not participate or aide - each game!
  • A team is a collection of eight to twelve players, boys, and girls of any ability, who work together during the course of a game against another team.
  • A match consists of two teammates (or three, with a substitute) competing against a similar grouping from the opposing team in a fun, nurturing scramble format.
  • The match lasts for nine holes and is broken up into three 3-hole segments called "flags".
  • Flags are 3-hole segments of each match. Since each match is played over the course of 9 holes, there are three flags per match.
  • Whichever team wins the most holes within each flag (i.e. 3 holes-to-0 or 2 holes-to-1 hole), wins the corresponding flag.
  • Each flag won by the team is worth one point. Each tied flag won by the team is worth a half point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
  • Since there are four matches in each game, and each match is played for a maximum of three points, there is a maximum of 12 points total in each game.

Questions? Contact Brandon Delgado, PGA Director of Golf at or 949.248.3014