Your Home for Golf Game Improvement

Your Home for Golf Game Improvement

Monarch Beach Golf Links ~ 1st Edition 

February/Winter 2015

A letter from the PGA General Manager:

Greetings friends of Monarch Beach Golf Links, 

As we enter into a New Year we wanted to share with you that one of our New Year Resolutions is to assist you in becoming a better golfer. To aid you in reaching that goal each month we want to showcase the fine golf instructors and programs we have with a dedicated “Game Improvement” themed newsletter.  In case you didn’t know Monarch features two PGA of America Trained and Certified Golf Instructors, Mr. Hide Yoshinaga our PGA Head Golf Professional and myself, and four additonal Assistant Golf Professionals who are all eager to help you enjoy the game more.  Have a great year golf and keep it down the middle!!!  

Eric Lohman, PGA General Manager   

Featured Golf Instruction Program:

Monarch’s very own Golf Physical taught by Eric Lohman, PGA General Manager.  Spend 1.5 to 2 hours with Mr. Lohman as he looks at your swing, basic fundamentals, equipment, golf fitness and approach to practicing and playing.  This comprehensive evaluation will set you straight and point you in the right direction for a year’s worth of great golfing.   All for just $199.00.  Includes complimentary course time following the “Physical” so that you can try out some new techniques and provided feedback.



Higher Learning by Eric Lohman, PGA General Manager of Monarch Beach Golf Links:

For more solid, consistent hits "Follow Your Core Beliefs" 

From an athletic set up start your back swing with your lead hip (closest to the target) and shoulder turning away in unison.  Ideally your hips would turn enough to allow your dynamic balance (weight shift) move to the heel of your back foot (farthest from the target.) Your shoulders should turn no less than 90 degrees. Both of these steps will allow you complete your back swing and properly transition your weight shift creating a power source through torque.

To make that great hit into the back of the ball a few things must happen in a proper sequence. Your core must not only engage from your pecks to your gluts, but work as a unit of strength and not weakness. You must start your downswing with a weight shift bump to the outsole of your lead foot, then help your hands and arms get back in front of you (assuming you made a full backswing which was neither too upright or flat), then rapidly clear your hips (turning them at your target) and finally turn your arms/ shoulders/ hands and club, in unison, through the hitting zone.

This is the proper "Core" sequence and with good fundamentals, a proper strength and conditioning program, as well some guidance from a PGA Professional, you too can begin hitting more fairways, greens and making those bonus birdies!!!

For more information on this topic or to schedule a lesson you can reach Eric Lohman, PGA General Manager 949.248.3021 or


Tips from the Pro - Eric Lohman, PGA