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Hole In One

By registering below, if you make a Hole In One on the 5th hole on the day you play, you will win:

A $1,000 Gift Card to Monarch Beach Golf Links! Gift Card can be used on golf guest fees, Links Card purchase, merchandise, golf lessons, and F&B at the Monarch Cafe!*

*Please fill out all the information above in order to be eligible to win the prize. You must sign up in advance of starting your round. Video is time-stamped and will be referenced to your tee time.

Please read the Terms & Conditions:

  • I am at least 18 years old, an amateur golfer, and have provided accurate information above.
  • I understand that the tee from where I hit my hole-in-one must be at least 150 yards from the cup (double-check your distance on the tee!)
  • I understand the camera system must clearly capture my hole-in-one without any obstructions blocking the camera.
  • I understand the hole-in-one must occur on my first swing of the day from the 5th tee.
  • Any hole-in-ones on practice shots, replays, or mulligans will not count.
  • If I make a hole-in-one, I must notify Monarch Beach Golf Links golf shop staff that day of the hole in one, and myself and my playing partners may be required to sign an affidavit.
  • Monarch Beach Golf Links may deem you ineligible for the prize if they suspect any direct or indirect fraudulent activities.
  • I understand I only have to sign up for this once and will be eligible for the duration of the challenge.
  • By entering this contest I am also agreeing to receive emails from MBGL and am automatically enrolled in the OB/ Troon Rewards Program and Monarch Beach Text Club. OB Sports/Troon Rewards Program allows me to earn points towards free golf at over 100 locations worldwide. Learn more by clicking here.
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